Weak For Sex

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I was over visiting my sister when her son Gary arrived. In walked his new girlfriend Krissie. I knew I shouldn’t stare, but I couldn’t help it. Krissie was petite with short brown hair. The thing that caught my eyes was her tits. For a small woman she had big boobs. I even caught my brother-in-law looking. Gary had a big smile on his face. he must have known he found the perfect girl.

As we sat and talked, Krissie kept chatting me up. I think Gary was getting mad with the way Krissie was focusing on me. I figured I better go before I made a fool of myself. As we all went to the front door to say our goodbyes Krissie gave me a big hug. I don’t think that went over well with Gary.

I made it home and was taking off my coat. I reached into one of the pockets and I pulled out a scrap of paper. I opened it and read what was there.

“I need to talk to you. Call me, Krissie.”

Krissie had written her phone number down. I knew this was a bad idea to be contacting my nephew’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, Krissie was consuming my thoughts. I had those big tits on my mind. Later that evening I called the number on the paper. Krissie answered.

“I’m sorry I slipped that paper into your pocket. It was the only way I could think of contacting you,” she said.

She said she needed to see me. Could I possibly come over later tonight? Damn, I knew this was leading to a big problem, but I had to see her. I drove over to the address she gave me and Krissie greeted me at the door. My mouth nearly fell open. Krissie was wearing a short bathrobe that barely covered her tits and pussy. She led me into the living room and we sat down across from each other.

“I have been thinking about you since this afternoon,” Krissie told me.

She was talking to me, but I was in another zone. güvenilir bahis That robe was hiked up and I could clearly see her pussy. Krissie was all shaved down, that much was for sure.

“I really like older men,” she told me.

With that she stood up and took me by the hand. Once we got back to the bedroom Krissie stripped down. I gave her a good looking over. Her breasts were enormous for such a small woman. She looked like a young virgin with her pussy all shaved. I stripped out of my clothes and we were going to get onto the bed when we heard the sound of someone pounding on the door.

“Damn,” Krissie said.

She put her bathrobe back on and went to the door. When she opened it, in ran Gary. I could hear him yelling.

“I saw my uncle’s car out in front.”

With that Gary rushed into the bedroom. There I was standing totally naked.

“You bitch, you were fucking my uncle.”

Gary was wrong. We hadn’t got that far yet. I thought that Gary might get violent, but instead, he ended up running out the front door. Krissie closed the door and locked it from behind. When she walked back in her nipples were so hard.

“That went well,” I said jokingly.

All I know is that it made both of us extremely horny. Krissie dropped her robe to the floor. She knelt in front of me and took my cock in her hands. She started licking all over my knob. Needless to say it didn’t take much before I was rock hard. Krissie had me deep down her throat. If she kept that up I was going to blow before I wanted to.

Krissie did make me hard and then she drew away and stood up. She got onto the bed and spread her legs. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I climbed up over top of her and I planted my lips on each of her nipples. God, did she taste good. The smell of her perfume türkçe bahis was making me crazy for her. I was licking and biting the tips of those big breasts. I also could feel the head of my cock probing Krissie’s opening.

Krissie reached down and guided me into her. I only pushed a couple of inches in at first. You could tell Krissie needed it bad.

God, Rob, don’t torture me!”

I wanted to torture her with my cock. That was the whole point. Krissie was wet and really tight. I slowly filled her with my thick cock. I am about seven inches in length and it felt like I was bottoming out inside Krissie. I slowly worked Krissie up into a hot boil.

“Fuck me hard,” she cried out.

With that, I started to plunge deep into Krissie’s tight opening. I have to say that Krissie was very vocal in bed. She wanted my cock in the worst way.

“You’re mine now Krissie, not Gary’s.”

I sort of lost my head, but Krissie said she only wanted my cock from now on. I fed her with every hard inch I had. My balls were hitting her ass every time I slid my dick into her. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t care about the consequences. I needed Krissie as my lover. We went at it long and hard. I used my cock to circle around inside Krissie’s pussy. I was driving her right to the edge.

“I am getting close,” I finally told her.

“Cum in me, Rob” Krissie screamed.

I reached down and pressed my finger against Krissie’s clit. She let a out a scream as I pumped into her pussy a few more times and I erupted. I could feel Krissie’s pussy pulsating around my cock. We both came together that first time we made love. I lost count how many times I shot my hot cream into her body. Krissie just milked me dry. We finally slowed down and I started to go soft. My cock came out güvenilir bahis siteleri with a plopping noise. When I looked down, Krissie’s pussy was all red and raw looking. I watched as my love cream came spilling out and down Krissie’s ass crack.

If that doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what does. We ended up having a few passionate kisses and then Krissie got up and made her way to the bathroom. She finally came back and we talked about what had happened. It seems that Gary and her had just dating a few times. Gary wanted to get really serious about a relationship. That was when Krissie met me. Everything changed that afternoon.

I wish I could tell you that I fucked Krissie again that night, but it didn’t happen. Krissie said her pussy was sore from the hard fucking I gave her. I actually didn’t stay much longer. I went home and thought about Krissie the rest of the night. The next day all hell broke loose. I got a call from my sister.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you find someone your own age?”

My sister Louise lit into me and I just let her blow off steam. I guess maybe I did have it coming, but I wasn’t going to give up on Krissie. Gary would have to find a new girlfriend. I did manage to run into my brother-in-law Jeff a few days later.

“You dog,” he said to me. “I only wish it had been me. Just don’t tell Louise that.”

It took awhile, but things did calm down with my family. Krissie and I see each other almost ever night. The sex is fantastic between us. Krissie said that she only had sex with Gary one time and it was disappointing. Gary had a small cock and Krissie just couldn’t get excited. When Krissie and I made love it is so hot. Krissie has such a small pussy that she says it feels like I am ten inches in length. I wish. Anyway, there is a good chance that Krissie might move in with me soon.

I know that probably someday she will get tired of me and move on. For right now I am going to take advantage of every minute of this and keep fucking Krissie until I drop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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