Wedding Video

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Carol and I had just returned from our two-week honeymoon in America. Carol had just turned 21 one month before our marriage, while I was 32. We had arrived back on the Sunday and back to work on the Monday. I returned to work to find a backlog sitting on my desk. So it was three late nights to catch up. Carol announced that her mother and father Penelope and Kenneth had invited themselves to spend the weekend. Carol asked me to Collect the wedding video from Bob, an old school friend who ran a small photographers business. But with working late I forgot. On the Friday morning, Carol again asked me to collect it, from Bob. We were going to dinner with a client, and her mother and father could watch it while we were out. Carol’s mother, Penelope was 42 she had an elevated sense of her own worth, she never shortened her name to Penny or Pen. Carol’s father, Kenneth was a retired minister of a small village church, he was 18 years Penelope’s senior. Carol was an only child so they both doted on their daughter.

When I arrived home I had forgotten the video, so offered to go and collect it before getting ready to go out. Bob lived only 15 minutes from us, so I jumped into the car and went round to Bob’s. Bob was busy in the darkroom; he said he could not come out but that the video was on the shelf. I picked up the video and told him I would see him later. I gave the video to Kenneth and went for a shower and got dressed. We told them we would be late but not to wait up.

We arrived home at 1o’clock, the house was in darkness, and we quietly went to bed. Carol wouldn’t let me make bahis firmaları love to her while her parents were in the house as Carol is quite loud in her lovemaking. Reluctantly, I turned and went to sleep. I woke looked at the clock it was 4.45am, I needed to pee. I dragged my self from my bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom, as I passed the guestroom the door was slightly open and I heard muffled sounds. I was just going to knock, when to my surprise I saw Penelope’s reflection in the dressing table mirror. She was on her knees with her head in Kenneth’s lap and her firm round ass held high, I could see her pussy as she worked on Kenneth’s cock; my bladder was the least of my worries as my cock was now standing proud. Not wanting to get caught I quickly left and went to the kitchen an put the kettle on, as I waited for the kettle to boil my erection subsided and I went to the downstairs toilet and emptied my bladder. But shaking it caused it to come to attention again. I adjusted it and busied myself trying not to think about Penelope’s ass.

The kitchen door opened and in walked Penelope, completely naked. My erection returned. I did not want to stare so I looked everywhere, but at Penelope’s fantastic body her breasts were slightly sagging but were still in my opinion eminently suck able. She had dancer’s legs long and firm, my hand was below the table touching myself. She had a full pubic triangle, which hid her slit from my furtive glances. ‘Hi’, I stammered, blushing deep red. ‘Hello James’, she replied. Walking to the fridge she bent over to pick up two bottles of water. kaçak iddaa This allowed me to see her puffy sex, oozing with Kenneth’s cum and her own juices. She turned and walked out of the kitchen and back upstairs, as though this was perfectly natural for her to do.

I went back upstairs to bed; I desperately needed to fuck my beautiful wife. I moved over to Carol’s side of the bed my cock in my hand, I gently rubbed my cock over her lips trying to get her to give me a blow job, but she pushed it away from her and turned over. I wanked myself into a handful of tissues, it was not great but it would have to do till Penelope and Kenneth left.

I awake at 10:30, I had not slept well, images of Penelope kept my cock erect, and boy was I randy. I walked into the bathroom and immediately noticed Penelope’s tits squashing against the shower cabinet rhythmically. I stood watching the sensational sight, my cock aching to get a piece of Penelope’s pussy and to feel her tongue licking up my legs to my balls and cock. The front door slammed brought my back to my senses. I slipped out of the bathroom back into the bedroom and into bed. Carol came up to the bedroom and kissed me ‘Morning, bought the papers, I’ll go and make some breakfast, twenty minutes, OK.’

I dressed and went down for breakfast, Penelope and Kenneth announced that they must get back home as they had forgotten that they had arranged to meet some old friends. They then left. Carol asked me if I had said anything, which had upset them. I assured her that I had not spoken to them since we went out last night. Carol went kaçak bahis into the lounge returning two minutes later asking if I had moved the wedding video. Again I told her that I had not seen the video after I had given it to Kenneth. Carol search for the video everywhere but couldn’t find it. She thought maybe her mother had thought the video was for them and had taken it home with them. She phone them later that afternoon, they said that they had left it beside the video machine. Never mind I told her Bob would have the original or another copy, I offered to go round and collect one from him.

Before I could knock the door, it opened, ‘Have you got that video Jimmy?’ asked Bob. No that’s what I came round for, do you have another copy the other one has vanished. Asked Bob,’ did you watch it?

No, it was my in-laws who watched it Carol and I were out. It was the wrong video you lifted, it was an extremely explicit video that you took, and your video was on the other shelf. Suddenly it all fitted, Penelope and Kenneth had watched their first porn video. I guess you could say they learned a few things and tried a few things, if not ALL the things on the video.

About three months later, Penelope phoned me at work. She made small talk then got down to the reason for calling, she admitted that she had taken the video, but that it was not the wedding video but an adult movie. I pretended to be shocked. She said that Ken and she were coming to stay for the weekend and could I possibly get some more videos for them, she said that they would pay of course. I said it would be no trouble, but that the payment might be of a more personal kind. She said, ‘Anything was possible.’ She had certainly thawed considerably. I am looking forward to the coming weekend and hopefully sampling my mother-in-law.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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