Weekend Games – Memoirs.

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These are the memories from my past that always stick in my mind, especially I use these for self pleasure.

It was a rainy weekend with nothing else to do, I guess study would have been an option but you know what this weekend was pretty amazing, I don’t think study would have come close.

Vanessa was one of those girls who was always looking to spice things up all the time. She’s very posh, possible daddy issues but she always wanted sex when ever I explored her past and we were good at fucking, always fucking each others brains out. We were are university after all.

Friday 02 July 1999 – Vanessa

It was a rainy night and we just got in to her flat. It wasn’t anything like any student flat because Daddy had money. This flat was clean, and everything was pristine.

She was posh and wore extremely expensive clothes, Daddies buying of course although not like she saw him, and when she did oh my gosh did she play up for Daddies treats.

One thing that I know is that she was hot, she was leggy tall and about a couple of inches smaller than me. Long blond golden hair. She was prim and proper though and really posh, so when we got back from the night out we fell into a drunken asleep naked on top of her bed.

Saturday morning came and it was light outside but it started to rain and I mean rain hard.

I awake to find her cute face looking at me still asleep, still naked I get up and think it’s time for breakfast.

I start to raid her fridge and cupboards. Bacon sandwich is on the menu.

I serve it upto her in bed with a cuppa and orange juice. For a girl of her figure and status she surprised me at how stocked her fridge was.

She awakes by the smell of the bacon, her skin looking so beautiful and soft and tender.

“Morning, wow thank you for this.”

She says half yawning and giving a very cute smile. She starts to tuck into the sandwich looking out through the half drawn curtains at the rain beating on the window, wind howling away.

With a mouthful she turns to me and smiles.

“This is so good and I’m just so fucking horny for you.”

I’ve known her for a year and we’d only been dating for about 6 months, but there is something about her that even with her looking so beautiful and tucking into her sandwich as the sauce drips on her naked body, that I can only think why me. Out of all the guys she could have, I’m here naked on her bed.

“What do you want to do today?”

I ask taking another bite of my sandwich.

She looks at the rain hitting the window, then at me and smiles. Swallowing down her sandwich she gives me a cheeky smile.

“I can think of something.”

She takes the last bite of her sandwich, grabs me by my hair and makes me lick the dripped sauce on her breasts.

Licking her breasts and nipples I grab them and make sure they are clean. I move down as I catch the sauce that has dripped on her thighs and around near her pussy.

She lets go and grabs me with one finger under the chin to her lips and kisses me, she has my lustful attention.

“I’ve got this idea.”

She says standing up walking to the living room. My curiosity makes illegal bahis me follow her naked body.

She stands there in the living room looking at a cupboard full of games, taking one after another out and putting them on the table. She grabs game play money from one, then a spinner and dice from another.

I’m stood there in amazement by what she is doing and conjuring up.

I sit down on the sofa as she grabs a pen and notepad and starts to write down the following:

“2 – Teasing taking it in turns until someone cums,

3 – All her pleasure,

4 – All his pleasure,

6 – Oral only taking it in turns,

7 – Slow fuck,

8 – Light touching for her,

9 – Tie him up,

10 – Tie her up,

11 – Watch porn together, copy them until one cums,

12 – No sex, no oral, just touch.”

I look at what she has written and my cock starts to stiffen slightly. Thinking this girl has an amazing sexual mind. I start to stroke her down her back as she places things out on the table in a set order, she shivers and then starts to moan, her hand goes over to my balls and starts to stroke them as my cock gets hard knowing all of this is turning her on.

“Sex is about enjoying the feeling and I want to feel it for hours. The aim of the game is you lose if you cum, so a little blue balls for both of us for a while.” She winks at me, takes the spinner and spins the arrow.

“Odds or even?”

I look at her a bit gone out.

“Odds or even!” She says again forcefully, with lustful eyes.

“Even.” I say as she then spins and it lands on 3. She laughs to herself, picks up the dice.

“My Turn!” she shakes the dice in her hand while she grabs onto my throbbing cock with the other pulling back my foreskin and slowly wanking me off as she drops the dice on the table.

One die stops on 3 and the other on 5.

“8 it is.” She giggles.

“Light touching for her hey! Hmmm. I’ve got an idea” I say as I walk to the bedroom and gesture at her to come on over. She hesitates as little as she slowly follows.

I place myself on the bed with my back at the backboard and spread my legs open for her, she comes in as I gesture for her to sit in front of me. My cocks still so hard and a little precum now oozing out the top as I watch her crawl over the bed placing herself in-between my legs with her back towards me and lays on me.

My cock twitches on her back making her giggle even more.

I move her hair to the left shoulder and let it drape down her front touching her breast as I start to gently stroking her down the back of her neck, over to her shoulders and down her arms.

My warm breath lightly touches her ear and down her neck making her moan and close her eyes.

I lightly touch her arms as I skirt across to the bottom of her breast moving both hands underneath and around her nipples. Moving slowly I quietly gasp and moan in her ear making her shiver and close her eyes. I start pinching her left nipple and then to her right nipple.

She starts to moan and opens her legs and as I lightly move down a little.

My cock is so hard and on her back, as she moves down she illegal bahis siteleri pull the foreskin down slightly, making me gasp even more in her ear even more. Her legs open wide now, I know she is totally ready for my cock to be pounding her right now, making her squirm and scream with pleasure but that isn’t the point of the game and I’m not one for loosing.

I can tell where she wants my hands to be so my other hand goes down to her thigh and starts to stroke around the tops of her legs, just touching with my finger tips. From one leg to the other, never touching her pussy, just gliding around her clit, getting closer and closer almost touching it each time I cross from one leg to the other, sometime even accidentally touching it.

I feel her flinch and tense each time I get closer and brush her clit. I cross to her other leg and my little finger catches her clit even more, sliding my little finger down her clit and withdrawing.

She lets out an almighty gasp.

My cock now so hard from her moans and groans, I’m busting just to slide inside her and fuck her, but I keep having to remember that I’m in it for the win.

“I think that’s… Ahhhhh… Enough. Time for you to roll!” She says getting up and slowly placing my hands over her breasts and then getting up.

We both go over to the table as we give me the dice in her hand and she kneels down as she takes my cock in her mouth slowly sucking me off, licking the precum off.

“Roll then.” She says looking up at me with her eyes wide open again taking my cock fully into her mouth gagging on it while keeping eye contact.

I drop the dice onto the table as I gasp in amazement and deep pleasure.

The dice hit the table, I can’t help but pull away from her as I feel myself build up, my balls tighten and I feel like I’m going to cum. I take my cock out of her mouth knowing that she is playing some dirty tactics.

I look over at her and then at the dice 3 and a 4.

“It’s a 7, so slow fuck.” I say as I know I need a moment otherwise I’d be cumming in a minute.

She gets up and stands by the window opening her legs.

“Slow fuck, come here and fuck me here.” she says as I walk over to her grabbing her by her arse and slowly placing my cock on the opening of her pussy as I slide in my full girth into her tight hole. I’m so glad it’s slow as I withdraw again and place it back inside her. She tightens her grip around my cock as I withdraw again.

“Fuck, I don’t think I can last long doing this if you go tighter.” I say gasping as I enter her again and moan feeling my balls tighten and my cock expand.

“I think we need a time limit, as this is way too, oh fuck!” she moans as I throb inside her and squirt a load of precum in her, she looks over to the clock. “Last 1 more minute and then it’ll be my turn to roll unless you can’t last that long?”

My cock is swelling so much I feel I need to cum. “I think I’m getting close but slowly will be ok.” She starts to grind me and looking back at me as 30seconds go by.

“30 more, can you last?” she says as she grinds me even more biting her bottom lip. I slowly withdraw and slide into canlı bahis siteleri her now dripping wet pussy.

“10, 9, oh, 8, 7, 6, fuuuuckkkk, 5, 4, 3, oh, 2, oh fuck,1! Phew almost didn’t last out.” I withdraw and my cock is so hard.

She immediately grabs the dice and rolls, it lands on 2 and 1.

“Payback time!” I smile at her and grab her throwing her down on her bed. I begin to lick her out.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!” She starts to shoutout as I lick her clit so fast sending her into a spasm but she pushes me off and says to me “We need a timer.”

She goes runs into the kitchen and then back slamming herself onto the bed back in front of my face, puts the egg timer on and says in a sexy voice. “Carry on then!”

I lick her clit starting off slowly as she grabs my head and spreads out her fingers into my hair. I start to get faster and faster hearing her moans and groans just getting louder and stronger as she grabs onto my head even harder, her legs getting closer together, I feel like the finish line is in sight and I’m almost there. “OH FUCK!” she screams out holding me closer as I flick my tongue so fast over her clit I feel more juices on my tongue and my mouth getting wetter.

“I’m going to, oh fuck. OH! OH!” the timer goes off and she pushes me off as and her body slumps down on the bed.

“I thought I had you then.” I say as I get up, walk over to the table and roll the dice.

“What is it?” She says taking time out to rest.

“So sorry but it’s 3 again!”

“No wait, oh fuck!”

I walk back in and she runs past me looking at the dice. “Fuck off, I don’t know if I can take any more!”

I grab her once again forcing her down on the bed I start to lick her all over as I set the timer to another 2 minutes and placing it to one side. My balls are so ready now to cum and I know she is so built up that I could lick her clit and she’ll just cum in my mouth.

I place my cock on her clit as I lick her nipples and slide my cock in knowing that I’m almost there but want to feel the pleasure and tease her. She gasps and moans with pleasure as I enter her.

She is gagging to cum. I withdraw and make my way down to her pussy with mouth making her scream out and tense up as I can feel her almost cum in my mouth as she grabs my head gliding my tongue over her clit flicking it faster and faster as I feel she is almost there.

“Oh fuck I’m going to, Oh fuck.” She forcefully pushes me away, still grabbing onto my hair she pushes me onto the bed and then pins me down placing her pussy over my cock she begins to ride it.

“Fuck wait, what are you doing? Fuck, Stop, I’m. Oh fuck, I’m CUMMING!!!!!” I say as I start to squirt my load right inside her tight wet pussy. “OHhhhhhh yes. Fuck, You fucking cheated! Oh shit!”

She lifts off as cum drips out of her pussy onto me, my cock still twitching and still cumming. I’m in complete bliss. She giggles to herself and looks at me as she pins me down again and places her pussy over my mouth.

“Loser! I never lose! Lick me out until I cum now. I own you!” I feel cheated out but so relieved. I start to lick her out fast and hard as she starts to cum instantly on my face, screaming out with pleasure as her body jumps and shivers all over the place.

She finishes and then drapes herself over me. With sleepy eyes she looks at me and then says “Do you want to play another game?”

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