Writer’s Block

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It was one of the hottest days of the year and I was sitting in my air conditioned apartment staring at the computer screen trying to think of something erotic to write. But I was having the worst case of writer’s block of my career. I would start a story and then couldn’t finish because I just wasn’t inspired by the plot, the characters or the worst thing of all for an erotic writer- the sex.. It was becoming frustrating but the only saving grace was that I had nothing to do out side and a stack of menus to order in because I had no intention of going out in that heat.

As I stared at the white screen with the taunting cursor blinking at me, I was startled out of my trance by the sound of my apartment intercom. I hit the talk button and asked, “Who is it?”

I was greeted with an enthusiastic, “It’s Meeeee!!!”

I buzzed the bell and then unlatched my front door and went back to my desk chair to stair at the screen again.

A few minutes later, the bell rang and I yell out that the door is open come in. I heard the door open and then a giggle and then a voice that asked, “Where are you?”

Over here I said as she turned the corner of the vestibule and walked over to me sitting at my computer.

“Oh it’s so cool in here; I knew I had to come over her because my apartment is a hotbox.”

“No problem. Grab a seat and watch some TV while I try to finish this story I am working on.”

She looked at the blank screen and gave me a quizzical look, “Finish? It doesn’t look like you even started.”

She leaned over my shoulder and for the first time I noticed her outfit.

“Damn, girl. How did make it between your apartment and over here without getting attacked. That outfit is sick.”

She laughed and said, “What do you mean?”

Then she sat on my couch and looked at me and then she leaned back and stretched. Mere words fail me as I try to think of ways to describe what was sitting in front of me. She is about 5’6 inches tall and aptly described as “thick as a chocolate snickers”. She had on a baby blue cotton sweat suit that hugged every inch of her voluptuous body. The sweat top was zippered about half way down her and barely contained her 36 DD breasts and then as you look down you see her small waist flare into these beautiful hips and absolutely incredible ass.

So as she stretched cat like in front of me on my couch I just stared as her huge tits just jutted out and up into the air. The cool air of my apartment caused her large nipple to grow erect and the sight was such a rarity that I consciously said to my self remember this picture because you wont see its likes again.

When she gaziosmanpaşa escort finished stretch she sighed softly and said in a light voice barely audible, “I’m horny.”

I was about to say something but I pretended that I didn’t hear what she said and turned around and went back to my writing or really a blank screen.

“Hey!! What’s so important that you can’t pay attention to me? I came all the way over here to see you and you paying more attention to the computer than me.” She said as her mouth put on a little pout.

“You came over because of the air conditioning beside I am trying write this story and you interrupted me.” I said to her slightly teasing.

“Turn around,” she commanded which I did and then slowly pulling her zipper down she exposed more of her ample bosom as more and more of her black bra became exposed.

“Are you telling some stupid little dirty story is more important than this?” and the zipper descent seemed go on forever as it slid down and the opening of her sweat shirt just widened as the blue of the straining sweatshirt was replaced by the chocolate of her skin barely covered by her lacy Victoria Secret bra.

My dick was so hard now that I couldn’t wait to jump all over her but I nonchalantly acted as if was not a big deal. As I turn around I was hit in the back of the head with a sweatshirt.

“Don’t act like you don’t want some of this.” She said in a way that made me turn back around and she was standing in front of me with just her black bra on and her tight baby blue sweatpants.

“It’s alright” I said but this time I pulled into me and my face was right at her tits as I stared up past them and my hand around her hips and on her ass.

My hands roam over her ass as I made and out line from the small of her back to the back of her leg. Her ass defied gravity as it jutted out and then came in at all the right angles. Not an ounce of fat on her, she was truly a physical specimen.

“Kiss me,” I said to her as she leaned down to gently peck my lips but I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her lips into mine as she let out a soft moan and then our tongues swirled each playing and dancing as we turned the other on.

I broke the kiss so that I could get the rest of her clothes off of her. I stood up and moved my way behind her as I grabbed her full breast in my hands and then began to kiss the back of her neck.

“Oh that feels so good.” She said to no one in particular as if the thought just hit her and she had to acknowledge it.

Going back to my high school days, I flicked open her bra in one move and she let haymana escort it fall to the ground and then turned around and reached up to kiss me this time pulling my mouth to hers. After a few moment, I broke off the kiss so I could step back and just enjoy the sight in from of me, I did this under the pretense of dropping my pants but then entire time I took off my pants I never took my eyes off of her.

My erection was full on and I grabbed her hand and lead her into my bedroom. She plopped on the bed and giggled and started to sing song “I am going to get fucked, I am going to get fucked”

Then I corrected her, “You are going to get fucked good.”

She started the song this time with the corrected lyrics emphasizing good with a grunt humping upwards, “I am going to get fucked GOOD huh!!! I am going to get fucked GOOD huh!!!”

I crawled up the bed to her and enfolded her into my arms and told her to shut up and began to kiss her again. But this time while kissing her my hands moved down to her pussy which was very wet. I worked my finger along just the opening not sliding it in just enough to wet it so that I could use the juices to lubricate her little clit.

Her body tensed and she pulled me closer and continued to kiss me. I moved my fingers over her clit in a circular manner that she began to moan. I pulled my fingers from her clit and licked them and then touched them to her erect nipple. Her nipples were about a half a inch long and looked like little erasers. I place one of them between my lips and with both hands held onto her huge tit.

I then let my tongue move down her body until I was between her and I began kissing her thighs and running my tongue along her pussy lips. She moaned even louder now as I teased her pussy with my tongue and I lightly brushed her clit with my lips over and over again until she literally push my head between her legs and I started to suck on her clit.

She held me down as she started to grind against my face and hump upwards as she began to scream at the top of her lungs. My dick was so hard and I just wanted to get up and fuck her but I held on and held my breathe as I used every ounce of energy I had to make her cum. I didn’t break my rhythm as I know moved my tongue over her clit in first a back and forth and then a circular motion all the time retaining suction on her clit and not breathing.

She was screaming the entire time but I knew she was close so I sped up my tongue and with even more suction on her clit. The next thing I know she is screaming at a deafening pitch that she was cumming. I slowly released my hold on her ankara escort clit to ease her down gently and to finally get some air.

She laid on the bed arms outstretched and I could tell she was spent that orgasm really knocked it out of her. But my dick was hard and I wanted some of that pussy now.

“Hey baby,” I said to her, “why don’t you roll over and put a pillow under you and let me take it from here.”

She slowly complied and then she looked back at me and said, “Don’t be gently fuck me nice and hard.”

Looking at her ample rear end hiked up by three pillows and looking so round and delicious I had no intention of making love to her. I was about to fuck her brains out. I rubbed my pussy along opening and it was still very wet from her cumming so I slowly slide it in and she lets out another low moan. I knew that after how loudly she came before this would probably be the lowest she was going to moan for awhile.

I pushed my dick all the inside of her and I am pleasantly surprised by how good this pussy feels, as a matte of fact this pussy is damn good. I am now picking up my pace and fucking her harder, my pelvis slapping against her big ass over and over again.

“Ohhhh!!!!” was all she moaned louder and louder as I really began smashing her ass against the pillows that did little to offer support against my onslaught.

As I fucked her harder and more relentlessly it seemed as if her pussy started to get tighter and tighter and she gripped my dick with a passion. That feeling only wanted to make me fuck all night long; I wanted it to last a long time.

But then she started to scream that I was making her cum again and that she couldn’t believe she was going to cum again.

Her saying that just did something to me and all thoughts of lasting longer went out the window as I reached over and grabbed her hair and bent down to whisper in her ear, “cum for me Bitch, I want you to cum for me now.”

This sent her over the edge because with m hands holding her hair tight and my dick deep in her pussy she started to cum again as I felt a rush or warmth and then her pussy began pulsating around my dick. I stroked her a few more times then I came so hard inside her she jumps a little at the force. I let her hair go and fell on top of her as she wiggled her ass under me. I vainly tried to hump against her sweet ass a few more times but I was completely spent.

I rolled off of her and she rolled over and placed her head on my shoulder next to me. I looked over at her big tits and pretty face and smiled. She asked me, “what am I smiling at?”

“Well beside that fact that you have one of the best looking racks I have ever seen I am smiling because I think that after this session I will not have to worry about writer’s block anymore.”

“Why is that?”

“Well I realized I need inspiration and trust me this was truly inspiring, now get down there and suck my dick, I am ready for Round 2.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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